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Dust danger: the impact on human health

Dust poses several threats to human health, which is why the UK's Health and Safety Executive requires that places of work adhere to strict regulations to minimise its effects, or face the legal consequences.

Let’s take a look at the four major ways dust causes harm.

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Through our wealth of experience in Dust Management and Dust Extraction we will provide you top advice on the most effective and efficient dust management solutions.

Our in-house expertise, combined with solid relationships with leading manufacturers such as MAXVAC, Starmix and others, enables us to provide you the best and most cost effective end-to-end solution

Trusted by many of the worlds greatest companies

carpenter planing wood and creating hazardous dust

Why is Dust Management
so important?

Many contractors and workplace safety agencies
globally, are increasingly concerned about the
dangers of dust. Drilling, milling, grinding and sawing often create very high dust emissions.

The danger is that without the relevant protective measures, the smallest of dust particles (often invisible to the human eye) are breathed in.

In the worst cases these penetrate the small sacs within our lungs, where they can cause severe damage

Look after your Lungs

Using the correct filter bag will ensure that you are in accordance with the HSE regulations, whilst also providing maximum user protection, reducing maintenance and lengthening the motor durability.
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exray showing the effects of harmful dust in the lungs